Enhancements to Universe Reporting

In the latest Q3 2019 charity fund universe report that we issue to participants and subscribing charities, we continued to enhance the reports by providing additional information and charts.

We added a chart to show the individual period returns and provided rankings related to the size bands of charities within the universe

Individual Period Returns

The chart below shows how the Teknometry CIG Charity Universe net returns have performed each quarter since inception.

The following pie charts show the percentage of charities in each of the three same size bands according to their Rank. Rank 1 represents the top 25% performing charities in the universe whereas a ranking of 4 represent the bottom 25% performing charities for the quarter ending on 30th September 2019.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for other information you would like to see included in the universe reports please email us at support@teknometry.com and providing the information is available to us we will seek to add them in the future.

Participant Comparison Reports

As part of the calculation of the universe we also calculate each participant’s own universe so as a “house” you can see how the charity funds you manage have performed relative to the universe itself. While this information is available within the portal, we have developed a specific PDF report that contains the relevant information. If you are a participating manager and wish to see what this would look like for your organisation, please feel free to contact info@teknometry.com for more information.