Growing the Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe

The Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe has been running since 2017, with 7 out of the top ten charity managers participating in the provision of data. At the end of June, the Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe was comprised of 1,299 portfolios representing over £11.8 billion of UK charity fund assets. With an average portfolio size of £8.5m and data going back to 31st December 2011, it is the most comprehensive universe of multi-asset charity portfolios available.

Teknometry is independent of any Manager, Consultant or Charity and remains committed to the provision of the universe service. We have strived to provide a service that delivers the universe reports to participants and the wider charity investment community in a timely and consistent manner and we are now looking to expand the sample for the benefit of the participants and the wider community.

Over the past three years we have had discussions with many Managers, and we have encountered a number of objections to joining the universe as it stands and we are seeking to address these though the following initiatives.

Charges – Many of the smaller Managers we have engaged with have objected to the level of the fee, so we are offering any new participants the opportunity to join the universe for a year without charge and introducing a reduced fee for Managers with Charity AUM of less than £1bn. Additionally, we are offering Managers the opportunity to provide high-level data to the universe free of charge, but with reduced participation benefits. These “Data-only” participants will receive a report containing the short-term analysis, their name will appear in reports as a data contributor but without contact details and they will not have access to the portal for additional analysis and reporting. We will guarantee that data-only participation will always be free of charge and our fees for all participants will be frozen for a further 3 years. Fee paying participants will be named in all reports as sponsors of the universe and will receive the detailed report, which is circulated to the wider charity audience.

Data Provision – Several Managers have stated that they cannot provide the data at the level of granularity we requested, in order to provide a more detailed analysis of the charity investment landscape. To address this, we are offering the option to provide only high-level data as a single line per portfolio, either as a data-only participant or as a sponsoring participant.

Construction – Some of the specialist Managers have expressed an interest in specialist asset class universes and we will now therefore be collecting data on specialist asset class funds at the same time as the multi-asset fund data and Managers of specialist portfolios will be offered participation on the same basis as the multi-asset universe (i.e. full sponsor or data-only participant). The specialist asset classes’ universes that we are aiming to create are UK Equity, Global & International Equity, Fixed Interest, Property, Cash and Alternative.

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Charity Fund Peer Group Universe Launched by Teknometry and the Charity Investors’ Group

Investment performance specialists Teknometry, today announced the launch of the Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe, which has been established in conjunction with the Charity Investors’ Group (CIG).

The Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe has been created to provide a representative peer group for the analysis of UK charity investment performance, initially in the multi-asset sector.

The universe has nine founding participant investment management firms that have provided five years of data on their balanced portfolios in order to establish the universe with a credible history from the launch. The five year history focused on total net return data and going forward Teknometry will be expanding the analysis to included asset allocation and yield data.

At the 30th June 2017 the Teknometry CIG Charity Universe was comprised of 1,352 portfolios representing over £14.6bn of UK charity fund assets.

The average UK charity fund returns for periods ending 30th June 2017 are shown in the table below.

Last 3 Months %Last 6 Months %Last 9 Months %Last 12 Months %

“The Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe is now the most representative peer group sample of balanced charity investment portfolios in the UK and will provide much-needed insight into the sector. Our aim is to expand the universe in terms of sample size and analysis over the coming months in order to provide further insight. We are grateful to the CIG and the founding participants for supporting this initiative, which has been a year in the making.”

Mick Brant, Managing Director, Teknometry

“I am delighted that Charity Investors Group members have come together to share their investment data. The resulting peer group will be a really useful comparator for charity investors, representing around 15% of all invested UK charitable assets.”

Kate Rogers, Chair of the Charity Investors’ Group