Investment Performance

TekPAR – Performance, Attribution & Risk

TekPAR is our core Performance, Attribution and Risk service for the asset management middle office. Built on the Teknometry platform the service provides an on-demand investment analysis application that enables you to quickly and accurately calculate return, attribution and risk statistics.

Our TekPAR service can be accessed via the Teknometry platform using your web browser and offers the following features and functionality:


  • Holdings and Transactions
  • FX Rates & Indices
  • Historic Results
  • Static data
  • Portfolio Consolidation


  • Reconciliation
  • Returns
  • Contributions
  • Risk Statistics
  • Attribution


  • Asset/Period drill down
  • Dynamic hierarchical structures
  • Interactive queries
  • Data visualisation
  • Export, save & share


  • Daily, monthly, quarterly, annually & custom time periods
  • Security level and asset groups with standard & custom classifications

TekPAR is a multi-currency solution that is easy to use and provides end-to-end processing from automated data loading, through validation and calculation to reporting and distribution via dashboard sharing.

All user activity is logged as a standard feature of the Teknometry platform providing a comprehensive audit trail.

In addition to accessing the system via the user interface, key functionality can also be automated via the TekAPI web extensions to allow access to data within third party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

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TekPAR. Performance, Attribution & Risk – Anywhere. Anytime.