GIPS Administration

TekGAM – GIPS Administration Manager

Simplify the processes involved in becoming and remaining GIPS compliant by using TekGAM, a technologically advanced, multi-currency composite solution which simplifies the challenge of GIPS compliance by allowing users to load, calculate and maintain Composite and Portfolio data.

Having been designed by performance experts, it is intuitive to use and clients are provided with a professional service to complement the software.

Easily track data exceptions to quickly spot omissions or outliers

TekGAM is designed to streamline the process of data checking by highlighting areas where data is missing and where outliers are found. This minimises the manual effort required to go through the monthly GIPS process.

Import returns and market values or seamlessly integrate with TekPAR performance service

TekGAM has been designed as a standalone GIPS solution with the facility to import calculated performance data. However, it can also be integrated with the TekPAR system to provide a complete solution for the performance function.

Control user functionality and data access to share GIPS information throughout your organisation

TekGAM provides the functionality to specify which users have access to which functions and which data. This allows the solution to be distributed throughout the organisation providing a powerful, enterprise-wide management-reporting tool.

Utilise a wide range of query reports, with optional export using common formats

TekGAM provides a range of standard query reports, which can all be customised by the user to provide a powerful reporting engine. Reports can be generated in any currency for any time period and exported to a number of external formats.

Easily track changes to GIPS entities over time using timelines (e.g. Joiners & leavers)

Portfolios can be manually allocated to composites or the powerful rules engine can be used to automate the process. Amendments to data within the system are tracked and a full audit trail ensures system integrity.

Lock approved data to prevent unauthorised changes and ensure compliant reporting

At any given point (generally following a verification), data in the system can be locked to ensure reliable and consistent ongoing reporting.

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