Newsletter Summer 2016

Company and Industry News and Events

Cutter Research

Teknometry took part in a recent Cutter Research exercise, which was looking at performance, attribution and risk systems.

The last time this research was done was around 7 years ago and a great deal changed in this market since then. Cutter Research topics are driven by their members and this is clearly an indication of renewed interest in this area, as more firms are looking to replacing their existing systems. The results of the research are not publicly available, but were presented to members at an event in the City last month, where Teknometry was in attendance with a stand in the exhibition area.

PMAR Europe

PMAR Europe will be held on 15-16 June this year and promises a superb agenda covering all the regular topics in the exciting PMAR format.

Subjects include Alternatives, Risk, Index data and a number of Attribution themes. The speakers at PMAR are always first rate and we’d highly recommend attendance at this year’s conference.

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WM Performance Service

Following The WM Company’s decision to wind down some of their stand-alone performance measurement and reporting services we have seen an increase in the number of enquiries, particularly from clients of their Charity service.

As the Teknometry service is cloud-based, we are able to offer cost-effective performance measurement solutions to firms that may only have had a small number of portfolios on WM’s service. If your firm is looking to replace some of these services, please contact us to arrange a demo.